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A Conversation with J.Lindeberg Head of Design Jessy Heuvelink

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Jessy Heuvelink, Head of Design at J.Lindeberg, talks about his personal and unique home, the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, and the honour of winning the Café Magazine 2013 Designer of the Year award.

Where are you, and what are you doing?

Normally, when I get this question I am travelling, but for once I am in Stockholm. I am in the office, working on the new collections for Autumn/ Winter 2014 and Spring/Summer 2015.

Can you describe the Spring/Summer 2014 collection in a few words?

I can give you two – bug chic!

Are there any key pieces this season that make you particularly proud?

The bug-inspired theme with the prints and embroidery; they are just fantastic. Also our fashion and function capsule called “Techno Couture.”

Are there any signature details or materials?

You will find many textures – jacquards, semishiny surfaces and metallics that all mimic bug shells. We are also offering pieces in exclusive Italian fabrics like Loro Piana, Japanese nylon, and three-layer fabrics for ultimate weather protection. This season we have really focused on fashion and function – perfect city garments for a modern and active individual who appreciates fashion combined with smart functionality.

What are you personally looking forward to wearing – and where?

Our new leather jackets and our more rockand- roll-inspired capsule. Black is the new black is all I’m saying.

Otherwise, you seem happy at home…


Is your apartment constantly evolving, or are you finished?

It’s always evolving but staying true to its roots – small changes and new accessories can inject some newness without changing the whole thing. I am particularly proud of one new accessory – my Café Magazine award for designer of the year. What an honour.

Do you have any favourite objects in your house?

It has taken me about 10 years to collect everything in my house, but if I had to choose, the kitchen table from Piet Hein Eek is numero uno! And then the stuffed animals and insects come second.

Bugs have been a main inspiration this season. Can you tell us more?

I have always been fascinated with nature and the beauty found within it. But I have always been drawn to the more hidden and darker side. Bugs are normally overlooked or considered scary, and I wanted to show that they are actually extremely beautiful when you look closely.

How did your interest in masks and bugs start?

Since I was able to crawl, I have been extremely interested in nature and wildlife. When I was little, I always came home with jars filled with insects, and tried to keep them as pets. It drove my mother crazy.

The masks came later?

One of my favourite materials is leather. I just love how it smells, and how you can manipulate it. All of the collections I made during my time as an art student were mostly made out of leather. This passion has stayed with me. In the evenings, I sit at the kitchen table at home and make leather masks and accessories for fun. I guess it’s a way for my darker, creative side to express itself.

What’s next on your agenda?

Putting the finishing touches on the Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection, and planning the fashion show in January.

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