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A Conversation with Lalle Johnson


Creative consultant, J.Lindeberg Tailoring. Lalle Johnson, J.Lindeberg’s compass for all things sartorial and elegant, is a man who swears by the details. Here he talks about the autumn’s tailored collection – and shares a few of his thoughts on men’s style in general.

How would you describe J.Lindeberg’s tailored look?

Chic, sharp, modern – and a great value for money.

What are the details that define the J.Lindeberg silhouette 2013?

We always do a double vent; that tends to give a better silhouette and the fabric falls more elegantly. Our signature fit is well defined with style Hopper – our basic style. For new developments however, we are now going slightly longer with a wider lapel introducing the suit jacket Donnie. I’m working on a blazer with super wide lapels – a real power look – but that’s for a later season.

What are some noteworthy materials that you’re working with?

The materials are the raw ingredients for any good jacket and suit, and a lot of effort, research and travel goes into picking the right ones. We are exclusively working with top Italian suppliers like Subalpino, Leggiuno, Angelico, Ormezzano, Sondrio and, of course, Loro Piana. These guys have been in the business for generations, and just know what they are doing.

What are the accessories that really make a difference?

Our beautiful ties and pochettes, which are handmade in Italy for a tactile and genuine feel. Then add a printed scarf in a cashmere/ silk blend – that’s the J.Lindeberg look.

What are you personally looking forward to wearing this autumn?

The suit made from super-soft, waterproof Loro Piana wool, matched with a coat in a fantastic British blue. And, as always, there are lots of great shirts and knitwear in the collection.

Finally, what is the one thing every man could benefit from knowing when it comes to dressing well?

That there’s nothing more important than fit. Most men could benefit from buying a size or two smaller in jackets and suits.