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A Conversation With Camilla Lennarth

Camilla Lennarth is one of Swedish golf’s rising young talents. An all-American golfer at the University of Alabama, the Stockholm-native now plays professionally on the Ladies European Tour with an eye toward conquering the U.S.

Where are you, and what are you doing?

I’m finishing up lunch at Haninge Strand Golf Club, and about to meet up with my swing coach for another lesson. Getting better every day.

What did you do last night?

I met up with my oldest friend Frida for a cup of coffee and some quality time in downtown Stockholm.

What keeps you up at night?

Trying to organise the next day or the rest of the week, and making sure I can manage it all.

What do you wish you knew?

I wish I knew the outcome of the stock market. But I guess I’m not the only one who wants that valuable information.

Are you a woman of routines?

I am when it comes to golf. But in my private life, I try to be as flexible as possible so I can squeeze in time with my friends and family, and go to a fun event last minute.

What's your personal look on the golf course?

I’m wearing more colourful clothes since I started to wear J.Lindeberg. I like to have at least one colourful piece, and sometimes even wear the same colour top and bottom to really stand out.

Why do people get so obsessed with golf?

Golf is like a roller coaster – one minute you’re smiling over a good shot and the next you want to rip your hair out. You strive to hit that great shot again because you know you’ve done it before.

What's the drawback of ambition?

Sometimes I forget to enjoy the journey. I’m so focused that sometimes I forget to stop, breathe and take in the moment.

Do you have a long-term strategy or plan?

My long-term plan is to continue to play golf for as long as I enjoy it. I want to compete and be successful in the U.S.

Any plans for tonight?

Cooking dinner using the mushrooms I picked this weekend with my mother. Then enjoy catching up on some TV shows.

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