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Jessy Heuvelink - Designer Extraordinaire

Photo by Bo Brinkenfalk

“You never know where you’ll find your inspiration. I was watching television one night, a documentary about the deep Arctic Ocean. Nature is probably my most constant source of inspiration. The camera was way down in the darkest depths – you couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, the lights switched on and it was like a curtain rose on a stage, and the greatest show started with all of these jellyfish dancing. It was music, movement and rhythm! Those mystical and elegant creatures – the Medusae jellyfish – became the main inspiration for this season’s collection.

Another thing I wanted to do this season was to go back to J.Lindeberg’s edgier rock and roll roots, but done in a modern way. As a brand, we are and do many things: tailoring, golf and ski. But that rock and roll feeling is definitely part of our DNA. It also reflects who I am in terms of dressing. Therefore, black is the dominating colour, but with hints of burgundy and blue. And, of course, leather plays a big part.

All of these references and ideas need to come across, more or less subtly, in the fashion show. It’s where you launch the collection into the world, and the most important thing is to tell a story that builds the brand. Even though it takes a year from when you first form the ideas to a full collection, preparations for the show start about two months before. We start by asking ourselves “what is it that we want to say?” We then build the visual skeleton and backdrop that set the mood. What follows is a long process of castings, styling, music and building a good mix of outfits. It’s basically a big puzzle that we keep adding pieces to until the very end."

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