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Runway Show Autumn/Winter 2014


"The fashion show is where you launch the collection into the world, and the most important thing is to tell a story that builds the brand. Even though it takes a year from when you first form the ideas to a full collection, preparations for the show start about two months before. We start by asking ourselves “what is it that we want to say?” We then build the visual skeleton and backdrop that set the mood. What follows is a long process of castings, styling, music and building a good mix of outfits. It’s basically a big puzzle that we keep adding pieces to until the very end. Then it’s lights on and the show starts. In 10-15 minutes it’s over – and afterwards it’s often a mixed blur of adrenaline, exhaustion, excitement and celebration. The reviews for Autumn/Winter 2014 were truly amazing, and I felt the press and fashion journalists understood what we wanted to convey. I try to take a few days to relax and reflect; it’s important. Then it starts all over again with a new season and a new collection...”

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