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Free Shipping On Orders Over £60



Opening Hours

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Return cost: Free  - if you use our return label

Return period: 30 days after receipt of your order

Return company: Österreichische Post AG (Post AT)

Process time: Refund processed within 14 days from you returned the parcel




If you have purchased an item through our online shop, you are welcome to return the item and we will arrange for a refund. Unfortunately we do not offer online exchanges, but you always have the option to place a new order to get the right article. 

If you wish to return items bought in one of our physical brand stores, please contact the store in question.



How to return an item
  1. Place the item back into the transparent plastic bag or shoe box in which it arrived.
  2. Write the 'reason for return' code in the yellow field on the outside of the transparent plastic bag.
  3. Peel the return label off the return note.
  4. Place the item(s) and return note into the bag in which your delivery was originally sent.
  5. Remove the white strip from the bottom of the bag.
  6. Close the bag by folding 2-3 cm up from the bottom and carefully pressing the sealing together (no extra tape is needed). Please note: If the bottom piece is folded higher than 2-3 cm from the bottom, the bag will not be sealed tightly.
  7. Stick the prepaid return label onto the bag (covering any existing postage label).
  8. Deliver the return to your nearest postal outlet. Make sure to ask for a receipt as proof of having returned the parcel.


If you do not have a prepaid return label, please contact Customer Service  and we will provide you with a new one.



Return Guide

Wrong item received

If you received the wrong item, please place the item back into its packaging. Write the code '14' as the reason for return in the yellow field on the item’s packaging and send it to us within 30 days after receiving the order.


If you have bought an item from our online shop that has a fault, you may file a complaint concerning errors and defects which have appeared within 2 years from the date of purchase.

Return the item to us as described above and use the code '13' as your reason for return. If you no longer have the return note and return label, please contact Customer Service  and we will provide you with new ones.
If the complaint is valid we will refund the amount in question.


Once we have received your returned parcel, we will send you an email to confirm safe receipt. As soon as we have processed your return, we will issue a refund.

Dependent on the payment option that you chose when placing the order, the refund will be issued to either your PayPal account or to the credit card you used for the purchase. The money will appear in your bank account in 2-30 days. The time that it takes for the refund to be process is usually dependent upon your bank.

If you have chosen Klarna invoice as payment option and paid the invoice, Klarna will contact you regarding a refund. 
If you have any queries or need assistance regarding your invoice, please contact Klarna Customer Service:  

Phone.:  (+ 43) 0720 88 3811 
Email: kundendienst@klarna.at
Homepage: www.klarna.com/at


If you have any other queries or need assistance, please contact our Customer Service.