Invoice Payment 

If you want to delay the payment, you can choose the invoice payment method that we offer in cooperation with our partner company Klarna AB.

If you want more detailed information, you can read more about invoice payment on

Invoices are always sent by email and you can easily print a new invoice on Klarna's website.

For questions about an invoice or a payment, you can contact Klarna AB's customer service directly here:

Tel: +43 (0) 720 883 811



Klarna Invoice

When you pay with Klarna invoice your purchase is safe and simple. You never enter your card details and you pay after you have received the goods.

  • Always get your goods before you pay
  • Always 14-day payment time
  • You never disclose card information
  • Invoice Fee: € 1,95
  • Download your invoices from

If you have chosen the invoice payment method and you wish to send some of the items back, simply deduct the price of the returned items from the total invoice amount before making the invoice payment. Remember to contact Klarna and let them know you have made a return.

If you sent back all ordered items you will not be charged for the invoice fee or the shipping costs.

If payment does not take place a reminder fee of €5.00 and an interest rate of 8% is imposed for the 1. reminder. (The 2. reminder fee is €7.00 and the interest rate is still 8 %). When you make a purchace with Klarna invoice, a credit test is conducted, and in special cases involves the collection of credit information.

Personal data are handled in accordance with applicable law. Klarna uses your personal data for the purpose of conducting customer surveys, identification, credit testing and marketing. During customer handling your social security number is used as customer number.

Klarna AB, corporate identity number: 556737-0431